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30 Days of Doctor Who

As I haven’t really ever watched the classic show, I’ll just have to answer these all as new series.

Day 01: Your Favorite Quote
Day 02: Your Favorite Classic Series Episode
Day 03: Your Favorite New Series Episode
Day 04: Your Favorite Doctor
Day 05: Your Favorite Companion
Day 06: An Actor You’d Like to See Guest Star in an Episode
Day 07: Your Favorite Piece of Music
Day 08: A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Happy
Day 09: A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad
Day 10: Your Favorite Title Sequence
Day 11: Your Favorite Season (Classic)
Day 12: Your Favorite Season (New)
Day 13: Your Favorite Villain
Day 14: Your favorite Team TARDIS (Doctor + Companions).
Day 15: Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure story (the one you hate to admit you love).
Day 16: Your Favorite One-Off Character
Day 17: A character you want to come back, even just for one episode.
Day 18: A character you hope never comes back.
Day 19: The Scene That Made Your Cry the Most
Day 20: The Character Who Is Most Like You
Day 21: Your Doctor Who OTP
Day 22: The Doctor Who OTP You Don’t Get
Day 23: Favorite Who Spin-Off (including books, audios, etc.)
Day 24: Favorite Who Writer
Day 25: Favorite Who Actor
Day 26: Favorite Who Actress
Day 27: An Episode You Wish Hadn’t Been Made
Day 28: An Episode You Think Should Be Made
Day 29: Who You Think Would be a Good Doctor
Day 30: Your First Doctor